Our Story

Sass Cafe’s journey began in Johannesburg, rooted in a deep passion for food, people, and community. The founders have always held a steadfast mission: to create spaces that unite individuals of all backgrounds, be it friends, families, coworkers, or newfound acquaintances. Drawing from their Mediterranean heritage, the founders’ palates are attuned to flavorful, exquisitely balanced dishes, and they’ve spared no effort in imbuing Sass Cafe with this delightful essence.


With previous ties to the restaurant and catering industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sass Cafe Bedfordview stands as the inaugural venture in South Africa, marking the beginning of what we hope will be a series of tasteful endeavors. The founders perceived a distinct niche in the Bedfordview restaurant scene, a desire for something different, something fresh, and something all-embracing for patrons of diverse backgrounds.


They envisioned a place where you could enjoy a night out with friends on the weekend or bring your children for a sunny afternoon. A place for delightful family lunches in the open air or cozy date nights with your special someone. Thus, the vision for Sass Cafe took shape, where guests can choose to sit indoors or outdoors, overlooking beautiful gardens. It’s a space where parents can dine while children play, and friends can relish meze alongside a few drinks and a shisha.


It is our sole aspiration that Sass Cafe becomes for you precisely what the founders intended it to be.

What Sass Cafe has to Offer

Sass Cafe stands as a multifaceted haven for those with discerning tastes, transcending the conventional boundaries of a mere restaurant. At its core, it is a culinary sanctuary, where every dish is a testament to flavour innovation and gastronomic finesse.

Beyond the dining experience, Sass Cafe also caters to families by offering a delightful playground, ensuring that children can play and revel in their own world of joy while parents savour the distinctive atmosphere of Sass Cafe. It’s a space where every member of the family can find their perfect slice of happiness, creating an ambiance that embraces both culinary excellence and family-friendly warmth.

Elevating its allure, Sass Cafe extends its sassy charm to catering services, ensuring that the distinctive flavours and style can be savoured at any location, turning every gathering into a celebration of taste.

As an event destination, Sass Cafe transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, offering an ambiance where each celebration becomes a symphony of sophistication and sass, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who indulge in its unique offerings.